Doug Richardson Wheel Building - Gallery


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Stainless steel nipples (‘No flats’ nipple is top right, BMW is top centre)
3.5x18 Talon front wheel  5.00x17 Talon rear wheel 5.5x17 Talon rear with stainless rim & 2.5x19 front with black anodised rim
Talon hub with standard Triumph chrome rim 2.5x18 and 4.25x17 Thruxton wheels with Talon hubs and polished alloy rims Talon front wheel with silver anodised alloy rim
Talon rear wheel with silver anodised alloy rim
Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler  wheels with black spokes and nipples
Talon Bonneville rear wheel with 3.5x17 stainless rim
Custom Bonneville wheels with white spokes and nipples
Bonneville wheels with gold anodised hubs and nipples
5.00x17 Scrambler rear wheel with wavy disc and TKC80 tyre
3.5x17 Scrambler front wheel with wavy disc and TKC80
Talon Scrambler wheels with DID rims and Continental TKC80 tyres
Triumph Speedmaster wheels (19” front and 15” rear)
Talon Bonneville black front hub
Talon Bonneville black rear hub
Twin disc front hubs
Bonneville SE with our spoked wheel conversion (black rims and hubs)
Bonneville SE with 3.5x17 front and 4.5x17 rear, DID black rims with wavy discs
Bonneville SE with spoked wheel conversion (Silver hubs and polished rims)
Bonneville SE with standard rims (3.00x17 front and 3.5x17 rear)
Triumph Scrambler with 3.5x17 front and 5.00x17 rear. TKC80 tubeless tyres. Wavy discs
Twin disc Speedmaster with our spoked wheel conversion. Polished alloy rims
Triumph Thruxton with 3.00x18 front and 4.25x17 rear. Polished alloy rims. Tubeless Thunderbird with stainless rims  
80 spoke stainless Harley hub 5.5x16 Harley wheel, all stainless Harley stainless wheel with 120 stainless, twisted spokes
BMW R1200GS front hub with 21” rim BMW wheel showing our polished stainless spoke nipples BMW R1150 wheel with metallic red powder coated rim
BMW R1150 wheel with metallic blue powder coated rim    
Honda 52 spoke rear wheel with 5.5x16 stainless rim Yamaha 56 spoke front wheel with 3.5x21” stainless rim Yamaha 48 spoke rear wheel with 5.5x17 stainless rim