Wheel Building Services

We are able to offer a comprehensive wheelbuilding service for virtually all motorcycle wire wheels (classic, modern, custom and off-road). We can offer a choice of Stainless steel or Alloy rims and a choice of polished or unpolished stainless steel spokes, with nickel plated brass, stainless steel or zinc plated nipples. We are one of the few companies who are able to build wheels for Japanese Cruisers with 36, 40, 48, 52, 56 or 60 spokes.

We do not undertake work on car wheels, but we can put you in touch with people who do. Also, we are not able to straighten or repair cast alloy wheels.

For classic bikes, the only rims we now offer are alloy or ‘Devon’ stainless steel. We no longer supply chrome or cheap stainless rims.  (Too many problems with them!).

We have a comprehensive range of alloy rims in stock – Flanged (or valanced) for classic bikes and Flangeless for modern and off-road bikes. Alloy rims are dimpled in the factory, but we drill them in-house, so they fit your hubs correctly. If you would like stainless rims, we normally order these direct from the Devon Rim Company, although we do have some in stock (mostly WM1s), which we can supply at a reduced price.

Spokes are available in stainless steel or (if you insist!) galvanised carbon steel. Unlike many wheelbuilders, we can offer stainless spokes either polished or unpolished. Polished spokes look like chrome and unpolished spokes have a dull finish which looks similar to the cadmium plated finish used on most classic British bikes. We keep a very comprehensive range of spokes in stock (plain and butted), so you’ll get the correct ones for your bike or, if requested, we can fit thicker, stronger ones. (Particularly recommended if your bike has a sidecar)

Most stainless spoke sets are supplied with nickel plated brass nipples, which don’t rust, but do occasionally break and can tarnish over time. For a totally ‘fit and forget’ job, we can build your wheels using stainless steel nipples.

I firmly believe that you get a far better job and have less hassle, when you get your rims, spokes and wheelbuilding all from the same company. (Also, if you do have a problem, you only have one company to complain to and they can’t blame anybody else!). If you send your wheels to us, the rims and spokes will be made specifically for your hubs. The spokes will have the correct neck length and bend angle and the rims will be drilled with different angles for the inner and outer spokes so that they pull straight with no bending.  Not everybody will notice these improvements, but they do give you a stronger, longer-lasting wheel.

If you would like your hubs reconditioned, we can offer bead blasting, polishing, and powder coating.  We have comprehensive workshop facilities so can also supply and fit new bearings and undertake welding and machining work.

If you’d like your wheels supplied with tyres fitted, this is no problem. We can get almost any make and size of tyre at competitive prices and we keep inner tubes and rim tapes in stock. We have a tyre fitting machine, so can fit tyres without damaging your rims.